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History & Happenings of Horizon West with Cynthia Dailey

Horizon West, Florida is one of the fastest growing master planned communities in the country. Once filled with orange groves the area is now filled with people who are building a new life together in 5 different villages and a town center (6 distinct micro communities). Very rarely in modern America do people have the chance to create their own community and character, being a relatively new development, that is exactly what Horizon West is doing.


Cynthia Dailey is one of the leading advocates in Horizon West, she is the owner and publisher of the resource and lifestyle guide, “Living in Horizon West”. She is also the founder of the very influential “Horizon West Happenings”, which is now owned and operated by Stephanie Lang. Cynthia sat down with Austin Arthur on the “After Thought” show to discuss some of the history of Horizon West and where it is today. She and others in this area are creating community.

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